EUROSPARS new ‘The Chef’ range

I was approached and asked to try out this new range from EUROSPAR and after a little bit of research I agreed, I was skeptical that these would just be standard ready meals, pop in the microwave and wait 5 minutes but they are most definitely not. To give you a brief understanding of this... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Picks for BRW19

So it is one of the top foodie events of the calendar and it kicks off next week, yes Belfast Restaurant week is back and I am here to give you my top 5 picks to enjoy it! Buba I have only just discovered Buba after visiting with a friend, I don't think I have... Continue Reading →

Six by Nico – Cooking Mexico

It's definitely the restaurant I get asked about most and Six by Nico has taken Belfast by storm, and it will continue to do so with this menu; Cooking Mexico! I'm sure by now you know the concept; a different menu every six weeks, consisting of six courses with matching wines, this one is a... Continue Reading →


I can't remember there being as much excitement about a new coffee shop opening in Belfast in...well, never. The Social Media guys behind Output deserve an award because they every so subtly gave out wee taster images, or shared cryptic messages everyday without actually telling us when they would open. Then bang, an Instagram story... Continue Reading →

Summer Dining at the Fitz

Let's face it, the Belfast Food Scene is thriving - which is fantastic. A new dawn of what constitutes a good night is upon us; gone are the days of going out at 10:30pm, after a few 'pre drinks', paying £20 into a club, drinking doubles and staggering to a taxi, burger in one hand... Continue Reading →

Recipe – Italian Risotto

I just love Italian cooking - the simplicity of it, the taste, the fact it makes me think of holidays. Most often I'll opt for Pizza or Pasta bur more recently I have reached for the risotto rice and started experimenting. Here's my take on a classic Italian Risotto!  

Down Tools

What was once a haven for local tradesmen is now a haven for local foodies! Down Tools is new to the scene, very new, like 2 months - but it's already brought a fun and creative spark to the City Centre.  The Building sits proudly in Church Lane and is adorned by these cool tool... Continue Reading →

Sunday Lunch at The Albany

What is it about a Sunday Dinner that makes you feel all warm and cosy? You know the feeling, when all you want is a proper roast with all the trimmings! It is actually a tradition formed in England when King Henry VII's Royal Bodyguards (he had 60) would eat glutenous amounts of Roast Beef... Continue Reading →

Cookery School at James St

Last month I had the pleasure of attending a Vegetarian BBQ cookery class at the esteemed James St located on James St South. This is by far one of my favourite things to do, a Cookery Class is tons of fun, you learn some new skills and you leave well fed and if lucky, a... Continue Reading →

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