Sunday Lunch at The Albany

What is it about a Sunday Dinner that makes you feel all warm and cosy? You know the feeling, when all you want is a proper roast with all the trimmings! It is actually a tradition formed in England when King Henry VII’s Royal Bodyguards (he had 60) would eat glutenous amounts of Roast Beef with lashings of gravy every Sunday to give them strength for the week ahead!

James VII – not me in case you were wondering, although I do have those shoes

Fortunately I don’t have the need for a bodyguard (yet) but everyone needs a good Sunday Roast once in a while, and everyone has definitely craved one! In fact; I would say this is the question that I get asked most since I started the blog; ‘Conor, where is the BEST Sunday Dinner in Belfast?’


Well just this week I had the chance to check out The Albany’s Sunday Lunch offering – 2 courses for £17.95 or upgrade to 3 courses for only £21.95, go on, it’s Sunday, have a dessert!

The menu isn’t your typical Sunday Lunch of; Soup – Roast – Cake. Yes of course you’ll find the classics as you would expect but the Albany have carefully considered the ever changing trends of the NI food scene and created a menu that should cater to most if not all, I’ve linked the full menu here but for those too eager to read on and see the pictures I lure you in with the thought of Salt & Chilli Squid, Goats Cheese Mousse or even a portion of hot and sticky chicken wings to start!

I decided to get the Squid, which if you follow the blog you’ll know is a big step for me, my seafood exploration usually goes as far as a tuna sandwich at a work conference or a friend’s wedding buffet – but the thought of an Asian Slaw and Sriraha Mayo was too good to refuse. Mum went traditional and opted for the soup of the day; Today’s soup was creamy leek and potato served with wheaten.

Starter: Salt & Chilli Squid – crispy crispy crispy
Starter – Soup of the day

There was a short break between courses, our mains came quite quickly but without the feeling of being rushed or that the staff wanted the table back. Again the menu offers an excellent selection, what you would expect from a good Sunday Dinner but then you have the options of Seafood Linguine, the Albany Burger or even an Ale Battered Kilkeel Cod – in fact, and they even throw in a bit of class with a lamb dish, most Sunday Lunches I’ve been at don’t offer a Herb Crusted Leg of Lamb, and if they do, it’s definitely not as part of a set menu – that’s a good point actually, none of the seven mains carry a supplement which is excellent considering the price.

I decided on the supreme of chicken, it was the Madeira sauce that convinced me and mum went for the beef, the waitress then asked how mum wanted it cooked, this scored Brownie Points with me – it eluded to the fact that each plate is cooked from scratch and not a carvery style set up! PS each main has it’s own unique gravy t match the cut of meat.

Supreme of Chicken
Sirloin of Beef

Now I was always going for the 3 courses and when I saw Baked Cheesecake I was sold – I am not a massive fan of cheesecakes unless they are baked, they go all fluffy – but I find it really hard to find anywhere that serves them, add to the mix the words raspberry and white choc-(i’m drooling)-olate and my lord you are in dessert heaven! Mum took a while to decide, I’ll not lie, it annoyed me a little as I just wanted my cheesecake but she eventually choose Sticky Toffee Pudding. I’ll stop typing now so you can see these – captured in one magnificent image this shot is a delight!


So after enjoying a quite fab meal we perused the Drinks Menu – which is plentiful. If you are a gin fan then you will have a big selection to choose from, also if you are a whiskey fan there’s a big selection to choose from, and if you are a vodka fan then…you see where I am going right… there’s pretty much a drink for all here!

Our waiter suggested the Aviator Gin and Ginger Ale for me which came with a chunk of fresh Ginger, almost the size of a surf board! It was very refreshing and was a perfect way to end our meal. Mum also went for a Gin, a grapefruit infused gin at that!

gin and fevertree.jpg
Drink Gin and be Merry

So there you have it guys, a must visit for anyone craving a Sunday Lunch, or wanting to taste some real quality grub on the bustling Lisburn Rd! And don’t forget that Children eat free on Sunday’s at The Albany * and for the really young ones there’s a cool activity page to keep them occupied while you enjoy your scrumptious meal!




*Terms and conditions apply

** This was a paid collaboration with The Albany Belfast


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