About Me

Hi, I’m Conor a Belfast based Blogger from Northern Ireland. For the past 2 years I’ve been blogging about food in Belfast, but like everything, life changes, it’s getting more exciting and I want to share with you all; if you’ll let me?

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This is me, I’m 31 years old, a blogger,  husband, teacher, dad to be and father to two beautiful pugs, Harry & Nelson. Effectively I’m the Carrie Bradshaw of Belfast…only mines more, Snacks in the City


So why blog? For me it was a form of escapism and I focused on one of my passions, food…it’s everyone’s passion, right? Anyway my blog has opened up so many avenues for me, I’ve met great people, visited some beautiful places and got the chance to try and experience new things. And this is why I want to expand my blog from just a sole focus on food, I love to write; and share (surprising as; je suis infant unique) but I have so much more to share than just food

Don’t get me wrong there will still be a real focus on Food & Drink, I love to eat, I do it almost everyday but I am set to become a Dad in October, I’ve never had a Dad so this is going to be kind of like trial and error so I may need help. I love to travel, home and abroad, I prefer City Breaks to sunny trips and I have the most amazing job as a Special Needs Teacher, add all that to a being a husband, a pug daddy an obsession with houses and a slight addiction to pizza and flat whites and you can see why I want to express more!

For me you get one life, so why not share it



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