EUROSPARS new ‘The Chef’ range

I was approached and asked to try out this new range from EUROSPAR and after a little bit of research I agreed, I was skeptical that these would just be standard ready meals, pop in the microwave and wait 5 minutes but they are most definitely not.

To give you a brief understanding of this range; it’s local quality produce, dishes are created and prepared by appointed chefs which you then cook at home. Disclaimer; they are not a value product, they are a quality product, expect to pay £5-£6 for a main and around £3 per side. is it worth it?


I was sent a £20 voucher and asked to pick up a few dishes to try over a two week period. I headed to my local EUROSPAR that stocks The Chef range and was met with over 30 choices including mains, sides, soups, pies and more.

I’m going to give you a quick rundown of my meals and give them a quick rating and then I’ll give you a quick insight into other dishes from the range that might just make their way into your oven!

My Taste Tests

Mac & Cheese with Ham (8-10)

My first taste of the range and I was not disappointed, I always compare any Mac N Cheese to the delightful bowl served up in Bubbacue (RIP) and although this didn’t quite match up to that it was definitely a worthy runner up. It was creamy with massive chunks of ham and a nice we coating of breadcrumbs, normally considered a side this Mac & Cheese is marketed as a main and I feel the ham is why, there are big chunky bits of ham hock; superb! P.S. you can get it as a side potion too!


Beef Chilli (10-10)

The only word I can use to describe this is ‘Joy’. An absolute joy to eat. The best Chilli I’ve ever had. Packaging says it serves 3, next time I buy this, and I will… it will serve 1. I am not sharing this. Would be great in a baked potato too.


Chicken & Ham Pie (6-10)

Decent, not the best pie I have ever consumed but nowhere near the worst. I needed a bit more sauce in my pie, if that makes sense. £5 and would easily feed a family of 4!


Cottage Pie (8-10)

So I have a thing with cottage pie…there’s never enough Mash Potato on top, I love mash, like it is my absolute fav so this was right up my street as Id say there was a 40-60 mash to mince ratio. It worked. Lily also loved this one

Forgot to take a picture; sack me 


At this stage I had spent my voucher but I was impressed, so impressed that I went back and bought some more.


Chicken and Broccoli Bake (7-10)

Nice, perhaps too much broccoli though – Another big big portion, portion sizes across the entire range are very generous. I think Lily liked this one more than me, she devoured it. I mashed it up.


Lasagne (9-10)

Beefy, moreish, tasty… definitely moreish! This dish will serve 3-4 people; it did 3 adults and a child for us (mum came for dinner) this lasagne was the height of a small child. tremendous. Another from the range that will be bought again and again!



Overall verdict – I was surprised by just how good these tasted, the price may put some people off but I stress that the quality of each dish is far, far more than a standard ready meal. Perfect for when you want a restaurant quality meal but don’t have the time to go, the will to cook or are looking for a cheaper alternative to going out. It really is from their kitchen to your home!

So there’s a little insight into what I’ve eaten over the past two weeks but the range offers so many other things to try, including;

  • Roast Butternut Squash with Feta and Honey
  • Seafood Chowder
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Stew
  • Mango Chicken

and many many more!

The Chef range is currently available 15 EUROSPARS across NI –  for more information on the entire range and please click here






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