Down Tools

What was once a haven for local tradesmen is now a haven for local foodies! Down Tools is new to the scene, very new, like 2 months – but it’s already brought a fun and creative spark to the City Centre.  The Building sits proudly in Church Lane and is adorned by these cool tool outlines; it’s a top feature and a definite talking point – it stands out!

Building 2.jpg

The first thing that caught my eye was the cool bench that sits just to the right of the coffee machine, perfect for people watching, this is my spot – let me explain; as an only child I often long for lonely time, I love it…I’m that guy you see sitting alone (probably taking overhead shots of flat whites) and you think, awww he’s on his own… don’t worry, I love this! In fact I do this every Tuesday when I go for my coffee fix in Belfast, this is how I first came Down Tools, I went for a coffee,  sat at that bench, I people watched and then I got hungry, so I ordered the roast beef sandwich.


The cool bench isn’t the only place to sit, you could dine alfresco or for a more chilled out vibe there are seats upstairs too – and the decor is class, exposed brickwork and old Stanley Posters are scattered around to remember the building that was here before.

At the minute Down Tools offer a range of Sandwiches and salads Mon – Fri and they have just this week launched a brunch menu, here’s a look at both menus.

Regular Menu & New Brunch Menu

I went on Saturday to check out their new Brunch Menu, I actually got there just as they were taking photos of all the new dishes… they all look amazing but I couldn’t get close enough to snap a pic grrr… but it did convince me to get the ’12 Hour Brisket’ my lord, sourdough, brisket, poachers, hollandaise and sriracha – the best sriracha I’ve tasted in Belfast I may add. Honestly, this was a really tasty lunch and I am definitely going back.


Laurie and Lily came with me, another good point is that with the ability to sit outside Down Tools is rally child friendly, if the weather is bad there’s a cool awning that pulls over or you could sit up in the elegant upstairs.

Lauren got the Ham & Cheese Toastie, melty and scrumptious! I snapped a wee pic of her tucking in, she will kill me but hey, I like it! In other news, Lily had a Sweetcorn Onion Ring, which she dropped, she then had another Sweetcorn Onion Ring, which she dropped, third time lucky, nope she dropped that too!

We also got a Flat White each, coffee is strong and supplied by 3fe – if you do pop in for a takeaway coffee make sure to check out their take away cups – very funny, one could say punderful

Anyway – this won’t be my last trip to Down Tools, it’s centrally located, very reasonable and has some amazing takeaway deals – Sandwich and Drink combos to fill you over your lunch break. Currently the brunch is only on weekends but I hope some of the dishes become a permanent feature as they looked and smelt unreal!


Thank you for reading my latest blog and thanks to guys at Down Tools for inviting me down.

Down Tools

24 – 26 Church Lane, Belfast, BT1 4QN

02895 903500 

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