Six by Nico – Cooking Mexico

It’s definitely the restaurant I get asked about most and Six by Nico has taken Belfast by storm, and it will continue to do so with this menu; Cooking Mexico!

I’m sure by now you know the concept; a different menu every six weeks, consisting of six courses with matching wines, this one is a little dearer at £29 for the six courses but well worth it.

Six by Nico – Interior (Irish News)

The first thing I want to tell you is that if you are booked into this Menu then you must order the snack – it is absolutely fantastic. The next thing is… there are only 5 weeks left to enjoy Cooking Mexico so get booking – you can book here

Here’s a rundown of my meal last Wednesday

Snack – Hard Shell Taco


A delight – when you think of Mexican food you think of tacos and these were a great start to my meal. Could have been my favourite part of the night!

Course 1 – Gazpacho


My least favourite of all the courses, this cold soup was very fresh but it lacked the flavour of all the other courses.

Course 2 – Tamales (Vegetarian Option)


The main menu will offer Blow torched Mackerel but I decided to swap this one out for the vegetarian option – that’s a real positive of Six By Nico, you can swap out dishes if you want. A absolute beautiful dish, Tamales are small corn dumplings with a cheese filling, divine!

Course 3 – Fresh Burrata


Fresh, almost like a mozzarella ball this fresh burrata was very good, I couldn’t finish the entire dish but the different textures in this dish were lovely and set us up nicely for the next course.

Course 4 –  Sea Bass


Probably the most memorable dish, if you haven’t tried Squid Ink, now is your chance. Sea Bass is a meaty fish so I kept this course, it was really really tasty, it was flaky and the white bean hash was great. The star of the show though, that Squid Ink!

Course 5 – Pork Belly


The course I was looking forward to most when I read the menu, it was good but it didn’t blow me away – In other Six By Nico Menus there has always been one course that has blown me away and I expected this dish to do it, but it didn’t live up to some of the other courses. What I will say is that the Apple and Peach Quince (almost like a jam) was unbelievable, I asked for more, it was amazing.

Course 6 – Dessert

6Chocolate, Banana, candied hazelnuts, chocolate taco and banana ice cream – an absolute pleasure to eat, the little bit of Cilantro worked so well with the chocolate. Six by Nico definitely knows how to do good desserts – the perfect way to end a fantastic meal, and definitely the most filling of the Six by Nico Menus I have tried!

If you haven’t experienced Six by Nico yet I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough, a brilliant way to spend 2-3 hours wining and dining! On this occasion I must give special praise to the staff who are really welcoming and I enjoy the little brief they give you about each course and the accompanying wine, others may disagree but ti think this adds tot he overall visit!

Thanks to Phil at SkapaPR for inviting me to check out ‘Cooking Mexico’ at Six by Nico Belfast

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