I can’t remember there being as much excitement about a new coffee shop opening in Belfast in…well, never. The Social Media guys behind Output deserve an award because they every so subtly gave out wee taster images, or shared cryptic messages everyday without actually telling us when they would open. Then bang, an Instagram story just appeared one day saying open… so I had to organise a visit.


On the Lisburn Road (fancy) Output have developed a very good menu with quality ingredients, creativity and intrigue…like where else does candy floss for breakfast? There are also excellent vegan options and the ability to create your own breakfast fry up will always appeal to most.

I’ve been a few times so I’ll be able to share a few dishes with you today.

Here’s the full menu

Visit 1

Sugar Pit Bacon, Black Pudding Scotch Egg 


My first visit – I went with Lauren after Dee & Niamh’s wedding. I really enjoyed this breakfast, it’s difficult to see from my image but there are two rashers of bacon lurking behind those pancake towers. The star of the show, most definitely that Scotch Egg – an absolute triumph. (needed more maple syrup)

Visit 2 

Crusty Roll, Sugar Pit Bacon, Black Pudding, Fried Egg, Smoked Tomato


This ‘durty’ beast hit the spot, this was Friday treat from my cousin Liam. Just look at that yolkage – wowzers. Again this dish came with a big whack of black pudding, I am a lover of the Black stuff and the smoked tomato is a smoked tomato relish and it is divine!

Visit 3

Brioche French toast with Blueberry, Pistachio, Mascarpone, Honey


*Disclaimer – I can’t find my image, this is from their Instagram

Something a little sweeter for a change, I normally wouldn’t order this, it’s a Lauren dish but I wanted something a little lighter for this visit. A very tasty option, especially if you don’t want lots of meat. For me though, I like meat so for visit number 4 I’ve already decided on the Salt Beef…and I’ll bring Liam back as he paid last time. Now when is Pay Day.

I am a massive fan of Output, I think the food is great, the service is class and the whole venture is very cool but I can’t believe they don’t open on a Monday. How Dare They!


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