Beckett’s Dining Hall – The Enniskillen Hotel

I know I am the BELFAST Food Blogger but when the opportunity came to visit Beckett’s Dining Hall in the four star Enniskillen Hotel I jumped at the chance – they invited myself and Laurie to stay and we brought Lily along for her first taste of Enniskillen.

The Hotel itself is absolutely beautiful, we were lucky enough to have the Bronte Suite which was both very generous in size and tastefully decorated, it really is a luxury room.

61280901_10216579529938584_3413263252329594880_n.jpg61118870_10216579291252617_1395609817078bronte 2300672_nBronte 1

After taking a few pics of the room and unloading all of Lily’s stuff it was time to head to Beckett’s Dining Hall for their Tasting Menu. The menu was very cool; both in creation and presence, the use of a carved out book reminded me of SPY trick I used when I was younger, a cool place to store my Premier League Stickers, although mum was angry that I ruined Volume T of our A-Z Colliers Encyclopedia set.

The restaurant was a cosy setting, not that big so bookings for the tasting menu is recommended, the chefs’ pass was visible so you could see the dishes arrive, I always like this.

menu 2menu 3menu.jpg

Just look at that menu! There are two snacks so this is a nine course tasting menu for £40. Now the snacks were small, like a bite each so I was a bit worried, were all the courses going to be this small? But the Beef dish is the size of a regular main course on its own and the others are all a good size too. Tasting menus are very popular currently so I was wondering if this would stand out at all? The Mojito course was exceptional – theatre and a twist…it was very gastronomical and it reminded me so much of a dish off Great British Menu, it was exceptional! This menu definitely stood out, it was inventive and sophisticated – it was also the first time I’d tried caviar.


Here’s a quick visual journey of the 9 courses;

snack 1.jpg

Snack 1

snack 2

Snack 2

duck course 3

Pork : Lentil : Apple : Crackling


Pigeon : Cauliflower : Creme Fraice


Mackerel : Dill : Pea : Cucumber


Beef : Leek : Parsnip : Potato




Rhubarb : Almond : White Chocolate


Petit Fours

So I hope you’ll agree that these dishes look fantastic and well worth a trip to The Enniskillen Hotel – there were some real touches of elegance here, most notably the edible golden leaf with dessert. My personal favourite was the beef closely followed by dessert, the mackerel wasn’t for me but with any tasting menu you get so much so it’s a great way to try things you normally wouldn’t consider/order. The most exciting course was the Mojito – it brought me back to my childhood and the added theatre was really impressive! Have a look at the picture below for a quick insight into Course 7.


Overall I was very impressed with this meal, the courses came quickly yet you never once felt rushed, the team are currently looking at incorporating wine pairings which I think would be a great idea. If the above appealed to you please take a look at the website linked below – a wonderful hotel serving up a feast of delights awaits you at The Enniskillen Hotel.



The Enniskillen Hotel

72 Forthill St, BT74 6AJ, Enniskillen

02866 321177


* This was a gifted experience meaning that I was invited to the hotel foc to try the tasting menu, I was under no obligation to write this blog and was not paid to do so.


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