The Marcus Ward

Pizza, Burgers, Beers and Live Music. I could leave the blog there and it would entice you to visit The Marcus Ward but there are a few things I need to share with you.

I thought it was a new establishment but The Marcus Ward has actually been part of Belfast’s thriving food scene for 3 years, but only recently (well January) have they installed an igloo pizza oven allowing them to turn out authentic pizza.


The menu will appeal to lots, but in my opionion this is the perfect hangout for students and young professionals; pizza, beers and music or even sports, this will definitely appeal to the student pop!

For this blog I brought mum along, because she had been moaning that I hadn’t taken her in ages… I drove so was on the soft drinks but mum got a cocktail; they run a cocktail happy hour from 6pm – 8pm where all cocktails are £6, this wasn’t really advertised and we only noticed when we got the bill, a happy surprise.

MW Bramble


After a quick drink we ordered our starters, the menu offered a very good selection, more than I would have expected and quite fancy too, and they come in two sections; nibbles and small plates. Here you can expect dishes such as a grilled halloumi lollipop, pork popcorn, Yucatan nachos, soups and more.

I was sold with Yucatan Nachos (Mexican Nachos)and more went for the Salt and Pepper Squid. the Nachos were good, the sauce/salsa was lovely but the cheese seemed to be at the bottom and there wasn’t enough! When I order Nachos I wan them engulfed in cheese as if they resembled an erupted volcano.

I tried the Squid, it’s one of the only types of seafood I’ll eat, it was scrumptious, the Asian crunchy slaw added a lot tot he dish and the squid wasn’t chewy; woohoo.

Salt & Pepper Squid – £6
Yucatan Nachos – £5

I finished those nachos btw…

Moving onto the mains, we were both getting Pizza – the Igloo demands it. After a brief chat with the manager I was informed that the dough is in fact a sourdough and the that the head chef often makes it himself, cool! (head chef was also very cool)

After a quick check of the menu I noticed that these pizzas were really quite fancy, possibly even too fancy – for example the Sweet Beats pizza is topped with asparagus, beetroot, goats cheese and sweet shallots, now I know this will appeal to lots but for me a pizza is the most simplistic and beautifully crafted food on this earth, so I would have preferred a simpler menu or even just some simpler additions to it. Here’s the menu for you to decide for yourself.

Capture.PNGI decided on the Ispini Rosso and mum went for the Vegan Friendly Wild Love (no cheese) – I must say these pizzas looked fantastic and the base was incredible – the poppy peppers on mine were very nice and added a little sweetness to the dish.

Mum’s also looked incredible although I don’t think she entirely knew what she had ordered and was a little devastated at no cheese, I loved that…she used to be a pizza chef!

Anyway back to the taste – pizza held together well, base was amazing and crust got a lovely char but with chilli oil, chorizo and cheese there was a little too much oil for me.

MW Pizza

We didn’t have room for dessert, pizzas are a great size and if you can’t finish it you can always take the rest home in a takeaway box. Overall I was very impressed with The Marcus Ward – there is a good menu – Linked here – and they have live music on, whether that be a house DJ or a local musician – they update this info on their social media channels – and the pizzas are very good, a few simpler additions to please the oddballs like me and they are on to a real winner in my eyes!



*this was a gifted experience meaning my food bill was covered. I paid for all drinks and was under no obligation to write this blog and was not paid to do so.

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