Six by Nico

Nico Simeone has arrived in Belfast, and he has brought us all a wonderful gift! Located in Belfast’s iconic Cathedral Quarter lies a food haven in; Six by Nico. A truly revolutionary concept where a tasting menu of six course, changes every six weeks and can be accompanied by, you guessed it, six wine/drinks pairings.

When I first heard that Six by Nico was arriving in Belfast I was unsure about its ethos, but after a quick internet search, I began to drool, I got excited and I got hungry – I was then invited to try Six by Nico’s first menu – The Chippie.

Here, traditional ‘chip shop’ favorites have been deconstructed; then carefully reassembled and sprinkled with class, quality and care. Each course has been well thought out; from the dish it’s served in, to the direction it is placed in front of you, to the wine that best matches. Staff are also encouraged to provide a short brief which helps to guide you on this food journey.

Here’s my experience of ‘The Chippie’

Snack: Fish Fingers

Snack - Fish Fingers

Course 1: Chips & Cheese

Chips & Cheese

 Course 2: Scampi


Course 3: Steak Pie

Steak Pie

Course 4: Fish Supper

Fish Supper

Course 5: Smoked Sausage

Smoked Sausage

Course 6: Deep Fried Mars Bar

Deep Fried Mars Bar

So there you have a visual representation of each course, we added the snack, which to be honest probably isn’t needed, but is oh so very tasty. I can’t believe this comes in at only £28 for such a well designed and executed tasting menu. I would strongly advise adding the wine pairings at an extra £25 as they have been carefully picked so that the notes compliment the ingredients. I also love the idea that every six weeks the theme will change; this could be a focus on Parisian food, food from the Mediterranean and many more.

People have suggested that this ‘quirkiness’ will fade, but for me this menu revolution is just an excuse to revisit and revisit again. I dine quite often in Belfast and the surrounding area and I can quite firmly state that this is some of the best food I have ever tried. On the night I would say that my two favorites, I can’t pick were the Steak Pie and the Deep Fried Mars Bar – the Pie was just incredible and I don’t think I’ve stooped talking about that dessert, truly amazing.

I am anxiously awaiting the 15th of April when the next menu is released, but if the above has convinced you to dine in Six by Nico, be quick as ‘The Chippie’ will only be here until the 14th April 2019 – and for me, it’s not to be missed.


From a very satisfied diner,





Book Here

23-31 Waring Street
Cathedral Quarter
Belfast, BT1 2DX

T: 02890 329 467

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