Glasshouse Coffee

Lisburn has never been renowned as a foodie haven but in recent times we have seen an upsurge in the quality of chef, ingredient and standard – as a local I would often find myself debating where on the Lisburn Rd to go for breakfast or brunch (it all depends what time Lily wakes at)

But in more recent times I have visited a wee gem in Lisburn called Glasshouse Coffee, not only is the coffee excellent but the menu offers up a lot of variety, mountains of taste and some healthy alternatives – instead of just focusing on one visit, like my usual blogs, this will look at a range of visits…I have been quite a few times in recent months

First off; I love coffee and I haven’t found a better coffee in Lisburn than Glasshouse, I’ve tried both their Americano and Flat White (Exhibit A)


The menu offers up a good selection of choices and this honestly feels like a cool hangout spot, I get similar vibes to that of Established in Belfast, Glasshouse really is a trendy place to be!

There are two menus, a breakfast menu which runs until 11:45am and a lunch menu which picks up after 11:45am. The breakfast menu has all the classics, Fry up, Porridge, Pancakes, Eggs and Avocado and a Breakfast Muffin but it also offers up a breakfast burrito, let that sink in, a burrito for breakfast!

The lunch menu is more diverse and offers some dishes you wouldn’t find or would struggle to find in other establishments, for me their greatest dishes are their Spanish and Greek Flatbreads, these are incredibly tasty and incredibly under-priced ; coming in at £5.95

Spanish Flatbread.jpg

There are also two slimmers choice menus offering healthier alternatives but without compromising on taste or creativity, here you can find soup of the day, poached eggs on wholemeal toast, baked potatoes, salads and a slimmers fry.

Here’s a selection of the food I’ve tasted over the past 3-4 months in Glasshouse Coffee;

brekfast muffinwrapbaked potato

Glasshouse Coffee is well worth the short drive to Lisburn, it is a lovely setting sitting proudly in the centre of Lisburn Square and there’s even the option to sit outside. A special mention must go to the staff who go the extra mile, have time for everyone and are particularly good, in-fact, they are brilliant with people with Special or Extra needs! A Warm welcome definitely awaits you at Glasshouse along with a strong coffee and a lovely lunch!


Glasshouse Coffee – 28 Lisburn Square – 028 9267 7510

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