Slims Healthy Kitchen

So I previously blogged about my lack of will power when it comes to New Year Resolutions and the fact that I think they are a ridiculous concept where people force themselves into undoubted failure by altering their whole lifestyle because… it’s January?

But I also stressed that;  instead of a total life change you can adopt healthier choices, and one of these needs to be a trip to Slims Healthy Kitchen. I was invited down to the Lisburn Rd branch to check out their Breakfast menu, here’s how I got on.


A very good selection (find it here) which makes the most of healthy ingredients while not forgetting about the taste buds. Offering Breakfast dishes like; Steak & Eggs, Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes, Chorizo Hash and more, there’s also a kiddies menu to please the little ones!

Food Pics

How do Breakfast Tacos sound; Rhetorical, they sound bloody fantastic and they were, see below


Just look at them; soft white tacos, refried beans, smashed avocado, chorizo sausage and two gooey eggs…These came recommended by the staff and I was so glad I asked as these were really good, like really good! I wouldn’t normally associate Tacos with breakfast but it worked, it was light and the chorizo added a subtle little spice to the dish. Now if that has not convinced you to go, maybe these will!

(please click each image for a high resolution pic)

So I was checking out the breakfast menu but Slims offer a range of options from sit in dinners to the ever popular meal plans for those with a hectic lifestyle or looking to shed a few while still enjoying their food.

There’s also the chance to try some sweet treats when you visit and I have heard that the milkshakes are insane, another reason to go back. Yay!

They also do some pretty cool offers throughout the week, my fav being the 555 menu where you can grab one of 5 dishes for £5 which is under 500 calories from Monday to Friday – check out the menu for this here

A very enjoyable trip to SHK on the Lisburn Rd, I was invited down to sample the menu and I was not disappointed, I would most definitely recommend those tacos because they were heavenly!





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