5 best Flat Whites in Belfast

In recent years I’ve developed a bit of an addiction with coffee, honestly before the age of 27 I wouldn’t have dreamt of ordering one…now I can’t function without one, or maybe three

My love story with coffee started accidentally, in a Chocolatiers in Krakow called Karmello when I ordered a cup of tea, when the waitress replied with the single English word she knew ‘milky’ I simply nodded, 5 minutes later I was tucking into a macaroon while sipping on my first ever latte

3 weeks later I bought my first coffee machine but I soon developed a love for coffee shops and in particular Flat Whites, so here’s my run down of where to get the best Flat Whites in Belfast…In no particular order

Ground –  local, independent and moreish tray bakes.  Ground Espresso Bars seem to be popping up more and more due to their popularity and I definitely think the quality of their coffee has aided this. Flat Whites come served in a glass (which I love) and if the staff like you, you might even get a wee latte art heart! 


The National – My go to for a quick lunch in Belfast or just a Flat White and some people watching. The National is my favourite building in Belfast and was once home to the former Nation Bank. This Victorian building is home to exposed walls and exquisite coffees. Flat Whites are small and strong, they will definitely give you a pick up

Image may contain: coffee cup, drink and coffee

5A Cafe – how have I only found this Gem – it’s been open five years and on a recent Instagram Poll I conducted 5A came Top of the Flat Whites! A small venue which serves up majestic food. Perfect for Brunch. Flat Whites are very smooth and strong


District – I stumbled upon here by chance, I went for breakfast (got the breakfast bap) and ordered a Flat White to savour, and savour it I did. Flat Whites here are thee biggest of the 5 featured, similar to 5A in my opinion.


Established – probably the best known coffee destination in Belfast and most definitely worthy of a top 5 spot, remember these aren’t in order, just my top 5. Go here and see a plethora of cool people and some hipster beards. My favourite Food Based Instagram account. Flat Whites; short, potent, beautiful


So there you have it, do you agree? Where did I miss? Where must I try or which are you yet to try? Please let me know in the comments, I am always on the look out for new places to go, I hope this blog has given you a few coffee destinations to check out!


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