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Woohoo – after hosting a series of blogs on another platform…shhhhh I have decided to move to a new home – now begins the contemplation of do I move across all my previous blogs, around 75 of them or do I start fresh, take a new approach or even a new style? You’ll have to wait and see (because I don’t know yet)

So currently this website is a skeleton, an empty cupboard but I have completed one section – About Me – which you can find here;

About Me

This will give you a quick insight into me, who I am, why I write and what you can expect from this blog. If heading there doesn’t appeal then let me break it down for you, very quickly, I’ve separated the site into 3 main areas;


  • Food & Drink – basically here I ill continue on my adventure of tasting my way around Northern Ireland and beyong
  • City Breaks – myself and Laurie love to travel and she actually came up with this idea to develop short city guides, where to stay, best places to eat and what to do
  • Conor’s Life – here is the section I am most excited about, here I’ll write about life, work, family, becoming a dad, interests and more – it’s a place for me to express me


So, hello,  lets begin the adventure, thanks for coming along



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