French Village – Lisburn Rd


A common debate in our house, often daily, is; “where will we go for food” and to be honest I am awful at deciding where to go and Lauren usually picks – but when this question arose last week I was decisive, I was quick and I was passionate!

Having previously been to French Village (343b Lisburn Rd, Belfast BT9 7EP) for coffee and tray bakes I was certain that I wanted to try the food. To the Lisburn Road we went, which is always a good spot for food; lots of choices, free parking, win win.

It was a great day, weather wise (what a summer we’ve had) and when we approached French Village it was buzzing, all the seats outside were taken, my heart sank, Christ am I not going to get a seat, this, after-all was the first time I was DECISIVE…this was my pick

Luckily my fellow Belfastians were just basking in the sun and we got a seat inside, I immediately ordered a Flat White, its kind of autonomous now, Laurie got a decaf Americano, for obvious reasons

The menu, after a quick browse I decided on the fry, for two reasons, the last fry I had didn’t impress me, it was a rather dull Hotel Breakfast and secondly the guy beside me got it and it looked phenomenal, just as I was debating fry and breakfast board, decision made, cheers big guy. I was on a roll today!


orders in I did what everyone does in a restaurant, I casually eye stalked everyone else’s food, I’m not even covert about it, I just wanna see what you’re eating, right now, and if I’d like it, and would I order it next time! Everyone does this…right? no, surely…

P.S. Lauren ordered the French Toast

So my fry arrived, that scrambled egg was beautiful and mixed with sourdough toast and some rather tangy chipolte baked beans made this a success. I know its hard to see but there are 3 bacon rashers there (yes THREE) and a chunky Kennedy pork and leak sausage – this came in at £8 which for me is a great place, when debating any price I always take into consideration a number of things, taste, setting, service – and this delivered on all 3 so £8, very fair.

Lauren actually devoured hers and I don’t think I even got a bite, I’m not massively into sweet breakfasts so this was ok, it did look divine though, and from the empty and partially licked plate, I think I can assume taste was good too – £6 which again, for Lisburn Rd, very decent

french toast.jpg

I said above that when considering price I look at a number of factors, decor is definitely one for me, I’m a massive fan of interior design and we are lucky to have some of the most stunning eateries in the world, here’s a quick snap shot of what to expect at French Village.



(images of decor are from French Village FB, food pics are my own)


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